• Reception and shop

Centre Veterinari Trapelles.

In our shop you will find high quality food for dogs, cats and exotic animals. A high quality diet has a positive impact in the health of your pets! There are also sweets and toys, including Kong®, items and all kinds of accessories like collars, harnesses, Haltis®, muzzles and more!


• Consultation

Centre Veterinari Trapelles.

It is the heart of our clinic . Equipped with all the needed material to do visits , perform animal care and perform the presurgical preparation.



• Hair

Centre Veterinari Trapelles. Centre Veterinari Trapelles.

In Trapelles your pet will enjoy specially prepared facilities for dog grooming services and a professional hairdresser for dogs and cats.



• Surgery facility

Centre Veterinari Trapelles.

Prepared to allow the completion of all surgeries and with the equipment needed to make anesthesia safer for our patients.



• Hospital

Centre Veterinari Trapelles.

Each box is designed to ensure hygiene and easy disinfection of the area . Our patients can stay in observation or with intensive monitoring if needed.



• X-Ray room

Centre Veterinari Trapelles.

This room is reinforced with lead. Inside you will find our X-ray machine wich is ready to make images that are then processed in digital format , allowing high quality and effective diagnosis.


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