Marc Cutrina Gallart.


Hello! My name is Marc Cutrina Gallart. I am a licensed veterinarian at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. I performed the European intership, collaborating on all the services of a reference hospital (neurology, internal medicine, diagnostic imaging, surgery, anesthesia, hospitalization and emergency trauma, exotic animals, laboratory, ophthalmology and dermatology) with European Graduates

During the years I've been working as a vet, I have improved my specialization in Neurology, Diagnostic imaging (I have experience working on Magnetic ressonance imaging and I have done courses in ultrasound) and exotic animals.

I have regularly attended at the national conference organized by AVEPA (Small Animal Spanish Veterinary Association) where I presented several cases in poster format as main author.

The small animal clinic has been my vocation for many years, and the will to take a step forward in my commitment to animal health led me to open this center. I hope that in Trapelles Veterinaris both you and your pet will feel at home and find all the attention and affection that your furry (or feathered) fellow deserves!


Mireia Caballé Noguera.



I am Mireia Caballé Noguera. I am licensed veterinarian at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. During the years I have been working as a veterinarian I have improved my specialization in Ethology performing the Master in Small Animal Clinical Ethology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

As a collaborator veterinarian in Trapelles Veterinaris my goal is to improve your relationship with your pets. I will give you advise if your pet is showing behavioral, educational or coexistence problems,

The most important stage in the education of a pet is when it is a puppy, and that's why we offer the possibility of personalized education sessions in case you have a new puppy.

I will be waiting for you and your puppies!

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