• Visits and Vaccinations

Regular visits are the best tool we have to detect subtle clinical signs and to make an early diagnosis of diseases . At least one annual visit can keep your pet healthy and well cared. On each visit we will give you customized rules to take care of your pet : Diet and weight control , deworming , education, management, treatment of diseases and many more.

Vaccinations are essential to prevent dangerous diseases your pet may suffer . Bromine ( " moquillo " ) , hepatitis , leptospirosis and rabies can be prevented with a vaccine annually. Recently, we also have available a vaccine to prevent leishmaniasis , also known as " mosquito disease."

In Trapelles we give prime importance to these two services because even thought they are well known and simple, they stand as the main pillars of preventive medicine . We believe that our primary role is to prevent the occurrence of veterinary diseases.

• Internal Medicine

The internal medicine focuses on the problems of most organic systems of animals. Digestive , Urinary , immunological , Metabolic , Respiratory , Circulatory ... they can all be categorized as internal medicine . It is one of the most extensive fields in veterinary medicine , and basic to diagnose and manage most animal diseases.

• Preventive Medicine

It’s considered preventive medicine those procedures designed to prevent the onset of disease in our pets. With the deworming and vaccination , we can protect them against infectious diseases and parasites , common in our pets. Annual reviews allow early detection of possible diseases , preventing its progress.

• Ethology and behavior

Ethology is the discipline that studies the behavior of animals. Learn how they behave help us to improve our relationship with them and allows us to understand their behavioral problems in case they show one . In Trapelles we offer full advice for each case , whether it is a behavior problem or simply you are looking for basic guidelines of management and education.

• Neurology

Includes the study of the nervous system. It is one of the most complex disciplines and at the same time one of the most importants . Herniated discs , peripheral nerve disorders , disorders of balance or convulsions are very common deseases in our pets . In Trapelles we give you advice on handling and treating these problems.

• Diagnostic imaging

Current technology allows us to see inside the bodies and be much more effective in diagnosing diseases .In Trapelles we have digital radiology , which display the radiological images in digital format, greatly improving the image quality and diagnostic accuracy compared to conventional radiology equipment . We also have a external ultrasound and MRI service in cases that require it .

• Exotic Pets

Parrots , turtles , lizards , snakes , ferrets , rabbits , guinea pigs ... the variety is endless . Th exotic pets have come to stay, and Trapelles offers full atention to all of them , from basic handling guidelines to treatment of diseases.

• Laboratory

Urine tests, coprologycal tests , tricoscopy and skin scrapings , cytology , blood work , and antibody titers, with the results of most of them within 24 hours .

• Hospitalization

If needed be , your pet can remain hospitalized as long as necessary. Also, there is the possibility of leaving the pet in hotel for several days and 12h admissions for cases that require it .

• Personalized Advice

Your pet is a part of the family and in Trapelles we believe he deserve the best possible care , tailored to their individual needs and to the needs of the owner. Trust and relationship with the patient and client is a priority for us and you and your pet are special fo us

• Canine hair dressing

Canine anf feline hair dressing and bathing services, both to ensure good hygiene and skin health and lift them handsome . See our gallery of photos!

• Specialized shop

All kinds of accessories and the best brands of food for your pet.

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